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The Walking Dead  Season 2    Trailer 2


The Walking Dead Season 2 was supposedly going to be arriving next October but it seems that AMC is preparing to unload the new season on us fans much sooner then we all expected. Emmy Award winning actor Bryan Cranston told New York Magazine ( via The Daily Blam ) that Walking Dead season 2 is coming in July, 3 months earlier then we all expected saying quote.

The Hollywood Reporter was the one that broke the news that Walking Dead Season 2 would be coming in October shortly after the final episode of Season 1 Ended. My thoughts on why AMC was aiming for October again was to capitlize on the FEARFEST they do every Halloween but I also had said that I think the show could hold its own in any time frame and help boost AMC’s ratings during periods where they might not be as high. This new July release date shows that AMC is doing just that. Since Halloween already delivers them strong ratings a July release of Walking Dead Season 2 means they will get fantastic summer ratings now on their network.

Walking Dead Season 2 Darabont has revealed would take us into the second book and introduce some of the fantastic winter visuals that Volume 2 of Walking Dead did so well. Walking Dead Season 2 will be 13 episodes as opposed to the 6 episodes in the first season.